Designing Your Life Workshop

Designing Your Life Workshop


This may be the perfect professional development opportunity for your organization. 

 The workshop starts with a paradigm shift in how the participants see their “Lifework.” It provides a way to take a deeper and more holistic approach to reaching their potential in their lives and work. Using materials developed by William Burnett and David J. Evans at the Stanford Design Lab, and outlined in their book, Designing Your Life: How to Build a Well-Lived, Joyful Life, we will tackle "wicked” problems and come up with refreshing solutions.

 We will reframe and develop prototypes and dashboards for each participant’s work and life activities by employing design theory and innovative exercises. With design theory, there is not just one solution to a problem, so our goal is to unleash our creativity and discover some new and exciting options.  To generate a real shift, we focus on the following activities and outcomes for each participant:

 1. We will closely examine the "life story" that brought them to where they are today.

2. Reviewing core values and what is nonnegotiable in their life and work, they will be able to identify what is most essential to them and how to achieve it.

3. Through the process, they will create realistic and innovative scenarios to align their financial needs and desire to engage in meaningful work.

4. Through the design process, they will discover what may be blocking their success.

5. They will be able to build a life plan confidently, one they can update and modify as things in their life change.

 Format: Two-day workshop (4-6 hours each day) for up to 20 participants. We can customize this for your organization. Includes workbooks. You select the venue.

 Note: The fee does not include room rental fees or travel expenses if outside the Portland metropolitan area. Up to 20 Participants.

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